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Benefits of Getting a Home Depot Lawn Mower

If you’re considering purchasing a new mower, why not consider a Home Depot lawn mower? There are many advantages to buying a mower from Home Depot, and here are just some:

With over 2,200 stores across the United States, Home Depot is a trusted household name and is in fact the second biggest retailer in the US. What this means for you, as a consumer, is that a store is never far away so you can visit in your own time, have a look at all the Home Depot mowers in stock and ask one of the knowledgeable employees any questions you can think of. rattan garden furniture sale

Select form a Wide Range of Manufacturers

In terms of stock, the Home Depot lawn mower department usually features all of the best known brands. Home Depot don’t actually manufacture any lawn mowers themselves, but their aim is to source only the best range of quality mowers to suit all gardeners power requirements and budget constraints. This means offering such brands as John Deere, Toro, Black and Decker and Yard Machines – manufacturers who are all specialists at what they do and offer mowers at a range of prices.

The big advantage with shopping for lawn mowers at Home Depot is that they always have several models of different types. So there’s riding mowers, from which you can choose ‘conventional’ or ‘zero turn’ and walk-behind mowers, from which you can choose ‘push’, ‘gas powered’ or ‘alternative’.

For your conventional riding mowers the range (as stated on the website) starts at a reasonable $849 for a Yard Machines 38 inch cutting deck with a 13.5hp, 6 speed engine. You can buy many models in between this and the most expensive one (or two, to be accurate!) they sell, which are the Cub Cadet 54”, 27hp Hydrostatic garden tractor and the 50”, 22hp zero-turn mower.

The walk-behind Home Depot lawn mowers obviously come cheaper, and the cheapest ones to buy, to run and maintain are what they classify as ‘alternative’ mowers. Scotts 14” Turf Reel mower is just $73.97, though for gardeners with larger lots who don’t have all day to mow the grass, Home Depot sell a large range of gas powered and electric powered mowers too.

Enjoy a Double Warranty

When you buy a Home Depot lawn mower, you not only get the manufacturers warranty but you usually have the option to buy an additional warranty offered by Home Depot. These additional warranties are very good value for money and provide protection over and above the manufacturers warranty and for an extended time period which covers you often long after the manufacturers warranty expires.

How about a Friendly Returns Policy?

Home Depot lawn mowers also come with a friendly returns policy. The terms vary depending on whether you purchased in-store on on-line, but in-store purchases, for example, can be returned and refunded or exchanged up to 90 days with the sales receipt, or beyond 90 days or without the sales receipt they may be exchanged or refunded onto a store card or commercial account for the lowest advertised price.

With gasoline powered equipment this policy changes slightly – up to 30 days from purchase with a valid sales receipt you can return the product; beyond 30 days the mower may be sent for repair at your expense unless this is covered under warranty.

So you can see some of the advantages of buying a Home depot lawn mower – local stores, good range of mowers to choose from, returns policy and extended warranties.

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